Remember when you fell in love with games?

When they were about playing with friends. When the best moments were memories you’d talk about for hours afterwards. When you’d playthrough the night fighting, laughing and screaming. 

Now your friends live far away. You spend your nights trying to get your kid to sleep. The games you play now aren’t what made you love gaming, and the games you want to play require more time than you have.

It’s time for something different. 

At Wonderspark, we’re committed to one thing: Real games for busy people.

It’s time to fall in love with games again.

The Team


Creative Director: Seppo Helava

Seppo Helava has been designing games for the last decade and then some. He worked for Sega, EA/Maxis, Backbone and Factor 5 before co-founding Self Aware Games. He cares about two things that will be important to you:

  1. The team matters most, because focusing on that is the best way to create the best game. Lots of people say that they value their team, but we’ve got five years of experience putting our money where our mouth is. That means no crunch. It means a sustainable work-life balance. It means creative investment in what you’re building. It means coming to work & loving your job because you get to make amazing things you deeply love and are proud of.
  2. We’re making something new. We will never “fast-follow” anyone else. We will never do something stupid because it’s the easy thing to do. Our goal is to make something that players will love. That we will love.

He spends a lot of time thinking about team culture, about the philosophy of game design, and product development. He was a mechanical engineer by schooling, but got into games when he realized that’s where more giant robots are.

  • Favorite movies: Memento, Blade Runner, The Usual Suspects, The Matrix
  • Favorite books: Creativity, Inc. (Ed Catmull), The Art of Racing in the Rain (Garth Stein)
  • Hobbies: Track days, cooking, and videogames (of course)

Technical Director: Ei-Nyung Choi

From MIT grad to Tech Founder, Ei-Nyung’s been a software engineer at successful, scrappy startups in Silicon Valley for 17+ years. Most recently, before venturing out with her own startup, she helped pioneer a live-updating infrastructure for iOS that enabled her team to be free from the Apple App approval process, which resulted in a 5-20x improvement in that team’s iteration speed.

She’s always part of the cutting edge of technology – she was a core contributor to one of the first (if not the first) cross-platform multiplayer mobile games. Prior to that, she created the first known cross-platform HTML5 game interface that could be run in both iOS and Flash.

Ei-Nyung is among the very few engineers who can say she has 10+ years of mobile engineering under her belt, having worked on Windows, Symbian and Palm platforms before developing her iOS and Android expertise.

She’s managed teams, designed pipelines, built products from scratch, and has always been proud that the products she’s worked on have been best-in-class.

She loves her family first and foremost. She loves to read a wide variety of things, from British cozy mysteries to business/management books to historical romance novels to psychology textbooks. She wants to help change the world for the better in big and little ways.

Senior Software Engineer: Kyle

Kyle first became interested in making games at a young age, creating and modifying levels for Doom on his dads computer. It became clear that if he wanted to have more control over what a game was doing he would have to learn how to program. Many years later he was able to secure his first job working as a professional software developer and ultimately found himself working in the mobile gaming industry.

When he’s not making or playing games, Kyle spends his time writing music and eating burritos.

Art Director: Sean

Sean has been passionate about making games since he was a kid, and has been drawing since he was a baby. He has always been more interested in creation of things than their finished product. Schooled as a traditional illustrator in Connecticut, his dreams were only half fulfilled until his wanderings led him to the Bay Area where he finally found his calling in making games.