You crash through the warehouse, fighting on the move. Your pursuer slashes at you with an energy sword, and you fire back over your shoulder with your pistol. You hit your enemy, knocking them off balance, and draw your own sword. The tables have turned.

You’re sitting in a chair, waiting for your appointment at the DMV. They’re standing in line, waiting to order a sandwich.

You scour the remains of the burned-out husk of a building. You find weapons, data-cards, and most importantly, information. You live on the razor’s edge between life and death, where anything you scavenge can mean the difference between survival and annihilation.

You called a sitter to watch your kids tonight, and you went to a movie. It’s the first time you’ve been out of the house at night in months.

Alter/Ego combines the depth of strategy and simple, dexterity-free controls of a card game with the immersive narrative, exciting visuals, and long-term progression of a hardcore action game. More than that, it’s a game that you also play with the rest of your life. Your character and the things that happen to them are shaped by what you do in the real world, so even when you’re not playing, you’re always moving the game forward. Players can dive into it for 30 seconds or five minutes and accomplish something awesome.

  • Make meaningful progress in short, sub-five-minute play sessions

  • The depth & strategy of a Collectible Card Game (CCG) in matches that last less than a minute

  • Cooperative multiplayer - party up with your friends

  • Competitive multiplayer - spar with your friends or fight other human players for sweet loot

  • Simple, time pressure & dexterity-free controls

  • High quality animation and character customization with the immersiveness of a hardcore action game

  • A constantly-evolving, expanding game that is designed to be played for years

Pictures From the Development Process