Give Me Fuel

Hi, there. Thanks for being a part of our Friends & Family test! I hope you'll have a chance to give our game a shot. Give Me Fuel is a card-based combat game, where two people are fighting each other. The goal is to reduce your opponent's health to zero first.

The tl;dr rules:

  • Play one number card as either an Attack (close to Target), Shield Up (any number will give you the same result), or a Move (which changes the Target - the distance you Move from the old Target earns you Defense). 
  • Optionally play a Power Card (the three non-number cards).
  • Get your opponent's Core Health to zero before they knock you out..


You have two decks of cards:

  • Number Deck - these four cards are drawn from a deck that's a lot like a normal deck of playing cards, but the values go from 1-13. They're drawn from a deck that "belongs" to the game. These cards are "open", which means you can see your opponent's hand, and vice versa.
  • Power Deck - these three cards are drawn from your ''personal'' deck. They're kept secret. Right now, your deck & your opponent's deck are drawn randomly from a pre-existing deck of cards, but in future updates, this will become your personal, customized deck, and will be ''the'' biggest difference between you & your opponent. These cards can do all kinds of crazy things, from modifying other cards to setting up Secrets and Buffs (see below). Power Cards come in varying rarity, which is indicated by card color (these colors are changing in the next build, but the general concept is the same).
    • Common: Grey
    • Uncommon: White
    • Rare: Blue
    • Legendary: Orange

Stats & Stuff

You've also got a few other things to worry about:

  • Health: Your character's "Health Bar" consists of three sections.
    • Core Health (White Square) - this is how much health you have. Right now it starts at 40 for everyone. If you lose all your Core Health, you're knocked out, and you lose.
    • Shield (Blue Shield) - this is an energy shield. Some cards will increase it. If you take damage, it'll usually deplete your Shield before depleting your Health.
    • Evade (Green Octagon) - this is like a temporary shield that's reset between every round. You get Evade by moving. Basically, moving makes you harder to hit for a while.
  • Attack - this is how much damage you do by default. Right now, it's 10 for everyone, but in the future, you'll be able to increase it.

Each round, you are fighting with your opponent. The most important number is the Range. This is the distance between you and your opponent. It goes from 1-13 (just like the Number Cards).

Number Cards

Every turn, you can do one of two things with a Number Card:

  • Attack - play a card from your hand that is as close as possible to the Range. You'll do 10 Damage MINUS the difference between the Range and your Attack. 
    • For instance, if the Range is an 8, and you play a 6, you'll do 10-(8-6)= 8 damage.
  • Shield Up - play a number card to gain +5 Shield.
    • for instance, you're at a beneficial Range to your opponent & don't want to Move, as anywhere you'd move to would give your opponent an advantage. But you can't attack because they have a Trap, or significant Evade, and you know they can't attack for significant Damage @ the current Range. So you play one of your Number Cards to gain +5 Shield, which is more useful in this case than any amount of Evade, because Evade will get reset at the beginning of the next round, while Shield will not.
  • Move To - play a card from your hand to CHANGE the Range between you & your opponent. In addition to setting the new Range value, you'll also gain the difference between your card and the previous Range in Evade. 
    • For instance, if the Range is an 8, and you play a 2, you'll get (8-2) Evade, making it harder for your opponent to damage you next turn. Remember: Evade is RESET to 0 at the beginning of your next turn.

Power Cards

In addition to playing a number card, you can OPTIONALLY play a Power Card. You don't have to, but most of the time, it'll be helpful when you do. There are three types of Power Cards:

  • Actions - these cards take effect immediately.
  • Secrets - Secrets are played "face down". Your opponent can't see what Secret you've played. There are two types of Secrets:
    • Traps: Traps are triggered by something someone does.
      • For instance: "Decoy" causes the Opponent's next attack to fail, and does 3 Damage to you. After being put in play (and doing 3 Damage to you), it will remain in play until your Opponent attacks.
    • Maneuvers: Maneuvers are active for the next turn, then discarded.
      • For instance: "Turnaround" converts any Damage the player takes this round into Shield. If the opponent Moves instead of attacking, Turnaround is discarded at the end of the turn without having any effect.
  • Buffs - Buffs are played "face up", and are persistent. They have some beneficial effect that lasts from round to round. Most have some conditions under which they'll expire.
    • For instance, if you play a "Regenerate" Buff, the text says that you'll get +1 HP for every turn as long as you have no Shield. You can Move & Attack, and the card will give you +1 HP every turn - and you can still play other Power Cards, but if you play anything that gives you a Shield, the "Regenerate" Buff is immediately removed & discarded.


Fuel is the in-game currency. You earn Fuel through combat (and when you log in), and you use Fuel to buy Power Cards.


Thanks again for participating in this Friends and Family test. If you want to get access for your friends (or family), just drop us a line & we'll get them onboard ASAP. We'd love to hear your feedback on the game. We know it's rough, light on content, etc. etc. etc., but we wanted to get feedback from real people as early as possible. The list of people we've asked to participate in this test is small so your feedback is incredibly important to us. Thank you, and we hope you have fun!

Wonderspark - Ei-Nyung Choi - Kyle Barrett - Sean Ford - Seppo Helava