Fight your friends in a strategic card-combat game you can play in minutes.

You love games, but don't have time for them anymore.

You played games with (and against) your friends long into the night, dove into epic RPGs - some of your favorite memories are close calls and clutch wins.

But these days, it's harder to get together with your friends. It's harder to find uninterrupted time to play. You want to have fun, but the games you love don't fit into your life anymore.

It's time for something different.

Give Me Fuel

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Give Me Fuel is a card game. You can play it anywhere. It requires no dexterity, there's no time pressure. It's about strategy, mastery, progression, the choices you make, and a bit of luck.

It looks like an action game. Instead of staring at a pile of virtual cards on a virtual table, you're fighting for survival. Instead of showing a couple of cards smashing into each other, two characters run, scramble, blast each other with plasma, and use their special abilities to try to overcome their opponent.

It is a multiplayer game you play with your friends. It's not a "social game". It's not about spamming your friends and asking them for stuff. It's about playing a game with your friends. Doing something with friends who you rarely see anymore, whether they're thousands of miles away, or putting their kid down for a nap.


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