Card Types

  • Power Card: Any of the cards that can alter the rules or the values of Number Cards. Players have a deck of Power Cards that are linked with their account, and used in all the games that they play. Rules on Power Cards supercede any basic rules.
    • Action: A basic Power Card that is played face up and used immediately.
    • Buff: A Power Card that is played "face up" and persists from round to round.
    • Secret: Any card that is played face down.
      • Trap: A Secret that is triggered by an opponent's (or player's) action.
      • Maneuver: A Secret that is triggered the next round & then expires.
  • Number Card: A card with a number on it that's dealt into your hand. 1-13.

Game Terms

  • Turn: A Turn is the act of a player placing cards on the board, then "playing" the Turn. By default, a Turn can consist of 1 Power Card, and 1 Aim Card as either an Attack, Move, or Shield Up action. However, Actions, Buffs, and Secrets can augment Turns - for instance, playing a Mind Control Power Card will allow you to play 3 total Power cards.
  • Round: A round consists of one active player and one passive player; by default a round only lasts for one turn, and then a new round begins by swapping the active and passive players. However, it is possible for a round to consist of multiple moves (i.e. the initial move by the active player and then a counter move by the passive player).
  • Game: A Game consists of multiple rounds, and ends when the end criteria is met; by default this means when one player has reached 0 or less Core.
  • Target: The opponent is your Target. You Aim "at the Target". 
  • Range: The Range is the distance between your character and the Target.
  • Aim: You Aim at a Target. However, you also are aiming at a specific Range. Aim is the Range you are aiming at.
  • Gap: The Gap is the absolute value of the difference between the Aim and the Target.
  • Attack: Attack is the Attack Power (by default, 10) minus the Gap, plus any effects from Power Cards before any of the Opponent's defensive/Power effects.
  • Damage: Damage is the amount of Health that an opponent loses during a Turn. Damage is effectively Attack after any defensive/Power effects played by the character who is being attacked. 
  • Move: This is an action that a player can take to change the Target value & acquire Evade.
  • Shield Up: This is an action that a player can take to turn an Aim Card into a tunable amount of Shield.
  • Health: By default, Health is the sum total of Core, Shield, and Evade.
    • Core: The player's base well-being. When they run out of Core, the Game is over.
    • Shield: Shield stacks on top of Core. Damage is preferentially done to Shield before Core. Shield values persist from Turn to Turn.
    • Evade: Evade stacks on top of Shield & Core. Damage is preferentially done to Evade before Shield. A player's Evade value is reset to 0 at the start of their turn.
  • Fuel: The Premium Currency in the game. Used to buy Power Cards. Earned by winning matches, purchased via IAP.
  • Experience (XP): Players earn XP from playing games (more from winning, but losing earns XP as well), which they use to Level Up, and eventually upgrade their Characters.
  • Boost: A powerup that increases something in the metagame - XP gain rate, Fuel gain rate, etc.