Work in Progress

We're making progress on a lot of fronts. UI's a lot clearer than it was. Gameplay's a lot better than it was. For the last few months, you've seen what our art has looked like, but finally, it's time to start making things look better, and iterate more toward the final style of the game. Obviously, not the most polished thing in the world, so expect things to keep changing. But things are starting to find their footing, stylistically. Psyched!

For the initial release of the game, we've got two characters. Eventually, we hope to get to a point where we can offer character customization, so you can make your character a reflection of your tastes - and customization here is intrinsically part of the game, so it's actually important instead of just a cosmetic nicety, which means we've got a better chance of getting to it than say, curly hair or shorts (for folks who've been following along with us since Fleck).

There are also two other "factions" in the game, which we've talked about a little bit. These folks, as you might guess, draw some of their power from the sun. :)