There's a long period of time when you're building a game before you can play it.

You talk about the basic idea, you try to find ways that you can "play" the game before you can play it. You do your best to answer the little questions that you can before investing a lot of time and effort to creating something you can actually play on the device.

Today, we've got the first parts of the most recent revisions in a state you can finally play it. It's already shown us that some of how you choose what to do needs some revision, but if you can get past that, it feels... a lot like the card game. But it's easier - you don't have to spend so much time keeping score.

I know that sounds simple, but that's a pretty huge accomplishment, and a great feeling. The last prototype *didn't* feel like the card game. Removing the tedium of scoring revealed things we hadn't seen before - a lack of depth of strategy, an inability to fight your way out of a bad situation.

With this version, even missing a handful of critical elements - cards and mechanics that enable the "big turnarounds", it feels really good. It's not *good*, mind you. Good for a 1st playable and "good" as a game are a thousand miles apart. But for what it is, I think we've really got something fun here. I can't wait to play more. (And that's never a bad sign.)