One thing I hadn't guessed when we started out was that everyone was going to end up at standing desks. I'd had a standing desk at my previous job, and while I didn't stand 100% of the time, I did manage about 50-60%, and I felt like it had a positive impact on things.

When it came time to set up my workstation for Wonderspark, I thought maybe it'd be worth seeing if I could try a standing setup without actually paying for a desk, since most standing-only desks are in the $300-600 range, and motorized adjustable desks basically start at $600+. So I piled a bunch of stuff up to see if I could get to the right height. 


(We keep the old CRT TV around because older consoles (Dreamcast, Saturn, etc.) look better on the CRT than they do on newer HDTVs, in case you were wondering.)

The problem was that because the pile of stuff didn't protrude beyond the edge of the normal desk, it was really hard to stand in a way that didn't make me feel like Frankenstein's monster with my arms dangling out in front of me.

I spent a few weeks wondering if I should splurge on a sit/stand desk - there are some great options on the low end, now, but we're still talking ~$800+ once you've optioned them up. Yeah, it's like buying a car.

Well, $800 when you're a startup is a pretty hefty chunk of change. So instead, I went on craigslist and started looking around. Lo and behold, the IKEA Jerker.

Instead of $800+, this was $150. It's unfortunately discontinued, so it's not like I can just go out and order more willy nilly, but I set it up today, and it's awesome. Way better than the pile of stuff.

But I think that reflects a lot about what we're doing. I had a thought about whether this would be right for me. I tried it out for free, made sure the basic ideas worked, then when they did, implemented things as quickly & cheaply as possible, knowing that over the long term it may not be the perfect solution, but for what I need right now, this is exactly it. That's more or less our approach to every element of game development, so it's funny to see it extends all the way to the desks we work on.