Growing Up

We've been at this since August of last year, working with just the two of us. Our goal from the start was to build a great team that we loved to work with. Everything else would flow from that. Over the last eight or nine months, we've learned a lot. How to form a company. How funding affects everything. How sometimes a prototype that feels good as cards doesn't feel good in code.

We've learned what we want out of a company - what we want to build, why we want to build it. And what it comes down to at its core is that we love working with awesome people, and a company is a way to help make peoples' lives better - more fulfilling, more interesting, and that getting a team working toward a single shared goal is just a really ridiculously exciting process.

That's why we're doing this. That's why we're building interesting things, because that's the kind of thing that attracts the best people. That's why we're doing our best to retain our independence, because that's the kind of thing that attracts the best people. But more than anything else, that's why we started this thing at all. We love games. We love making things. But most of all, we love working with a team.

Today, we've got a team that extends beyond just the two of us. Over the last nine months, we've been lucky enough to gain the support of a group of fantastic investors. Now we have two new teammates, who are also old teammates. We've loved working with Kyle and Sean before, and couldn't be happier to have them on board. We're going to build something great.