Seeing Things


And by that, of course, I mean that in the context of developing a prototype and visualizing a potential layout and how information is conveyed it is effective at helping us move from zero to something useful. And not "Ooh, aesthetically this is the most pleasing thing I've ever seen."

But it's also impossible for me to overstate how exciting this is. Because over the last few months, our cards have looked like this:

A lot of the game that we're trying to build is simulating combat. Think something like the Bourne Ultimatum, or an old Jackie Chan movie, or The Matrix. Playing a bunch of cards with sharpie text on them captures that feel... if you're really good at imagining how things might go with a minimum of help.

But that's actually not what we want. We want our game to be like pinball. You do something simple - play a card - and exciting things happen. Videogames are great "action amplifiers". They can take something really simple - hit a button, swipe a card - and turn those actions into big, visceral, exciting things. Blow up a thing. Kick a guy in the head. Our game's not necessarily that violent, but we want a similar "amplification" to happen. Play a card, see something happen. And so getting to a point where that stuff starts to get communicated in images  & icons and not "wall of text" is a big moment. 

And this...  this isn't even the start of where it's going. This is the first word in the first draft of the cliff's notes version of what we're making.