iOS Game Recommendations

Looking for something to play?

  • Alphabear is a recent favorite of mine. It's a neat little word game where you're trying to clear out a grid of letters that are counting down. When a letter hits zero, it turns into bricks. At the end of the level, any contiguous non-brick space turns into a bear, and the bigger the bears, the more points you get. You earn weird little bears that modify how many points you earn. They're charming and cute, and the game has a nice blend of word-building and strategy.
  • You Must Build a Boat is a match-3-like puzzle game combined with a fast-paced RPG. It's much more "twitchy" in that the faster you can find matches the longer you'll survive, but it's got a great progression where even if you're fairly terrible at moving fast, you can still make progress. It's got a very old-school aesthetic, but even if you're not into that style, don't let it turn you off. Fantastic game - but the matching mechanic takes some getting used to as well. You'll have to un-train your normal matching skills & learn new ones.
  • Card Crawl is a fun little one-vs-computer card battle game. You start out with some health. Every turn, you have to use 3/4 cards that are drawn. You can pick up weapons, shields, potions that restore your health & special powers to fight the monsters that appear. Surviving isn't super difficult, but there are a bunch of quests that force you to change up how you play. I was surprised by how long I could play this before it wore out.
  • Hitman GO takes the AAA-console game Hitman, and turns it into a minimalist board game. Weird, elegant, and delightful. Tons of content, and some really clever mechanics. Like the "real" Hitman games, you've often got a handful of options for dealing with any situation, but there are ways to get through the level, and there are ways to be a Silent Assassin. Great stuff, and if you have any fondness for the original series, a great way to take it on the... uh... go. There's also a Lara Croft GO, which is basically the same kind of spin but on Tomb Raider. I've started it, but haven't gotten very far, so I can't recommend it yet. 
  • Capitals is a neat word-based territory control game. It's a bit like Letterpress, where the goal is to spell words to take over territory, but where Letterpress has a pretty lousy endgame (most games end in basically a stalemate over the last few letters), Capitals has a neat mechanic where taking over the tile that contains your enemy's Capital grants you an extra turn. That extra turn shifts the momentum enough that games tend to end fairly quickly from there.
  • Still getting a lot of mileage out of Spellwood and Ascension, and if you haven't yet, you should Vainglory.

On other platforms, I've been playing Zelda: A Link Between Worlds (3DS), Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask (3DS) and Daganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc (Vita). Destiny (PS4) has somehow risen from the dead and grabbed me again, even though I really want to spend some time with Until Dawn (PS4) and Project CARS (XB1). Also have been having a good time with Heroes of the Storm (PC) - but the big winner of the last few months, without question, is Rocket League (PS4, PC). It's absolutely bananas, and if you have anything capable of playing it, you absolutely should.