Getting There...

Been a little bit since the last time we posted anything. The reason's simple - we're getting closer to getting this out there.

I've posted a handful of images from the build we have now, and what's interesting is that while it's full of glitches, sorting errors, etc., it's really starting to "feel" right - and when you see it all in motion, a lot of the things that look a little strange in stills look fantastic.

More than that, we've been playing the game again, now that it's working, and I'm really excited to get it out there and see how people react to it. (Obviously, we hope you'll  love it, but even after launching a good number of games, those butterflies never go away.)

More, we want other people to play. :)

One thing that's been odd is that even though we really hope this is a social experience for players, the game currently has no social features. Not even chat. It will by the time it's in your hands, and it'll be evolving a good amount as other features of the game come online - one of the core "pillars" of the game is a strong social element - but we want to do some things that are a little more interesting than just chat, and those things take time.

Ultimately, the most important thing about this initial release is getting the core card game mechanics to be fun. If they're not fun, and people don't enjoy that element, really nothing much else matters. So making sure that's good is priority 1 for this phase of development. Making it a blast to play with friends is next.

We're not far from the beta, now. You can sign up here if you haven't already, and we hope to play with you in the coming weeks!