This afternoon, I started roughing out a quick little video that I was going to post for the beta, as a quick explainer for folks who will be testing the game, and also just as an intro to how to play, since we're not going to have a ton of stuff in-game to explain how it works, other than the normal feedback you'd get.

And I kept looking at the bits of footage, and thinking, "I wish there was more!" I wanted to show off how the animations work. How strategy & luck play into each turn. Moments where you'd see games "turn around" and players might come from behind. And there is all that. But when you take a single turn, it's short. You play a pair of cards, an animation plays, and you're done.

In a trailer, it doesn't seem like much.

So in the context of a trailer, it's a difficult beast to tackle - because it's not the kind of epic, sweeping, crazy thing where I'd say, "LOOK AT THIS IT'S AMAZING!"

So the temptation is to make it somewhere where it'd have more. But that's not the right thing to do. Our goal has been to make something that's fun and exciting in minimal time, and that's what we've been working towards these last few months. It's explicitly not supposed to be huge. It's not supposed to take minutes. It's not supposed to be complicated.

It's meant to be something you'll take out of your pocket, take a few turns, and potentially be done with in seconds. Or if you've got a lot of games going, minutes. Or if you're playing while someone else is online, you can play in basically "real time" as long as you want.

Which makes for a strange trailer, or even teaser. But we're not making a trailer. We're making a game. And the flow and "size" of the game work really, really well as a game.