We're live!

You know what? We're live! You can get Give Me Fuel RIGHT NOW on iOS! That's right! What are you waiting for?

The thing that I hope you understand, if you've been following along with us for a while now is that really, the game isn't finished. It's at a point where the core gameplay is really good, but a lot of the things that lead into it aren't. And I know that seems like a weird way to launch a game, but the strange thing is that having a live game & seeing where users quit actually helps us make that early game better, faster than if we just tried to make that early game without any real user data.

We have to approach development really differently than a company with a lot more resources. We have to launch earlier. Rougher. We have to move faster. Improve smarter. Everything we're doing is some sort of compromise between speed, efficiency, effectiveness, and experience, and we're not always going to hit that balance right. But because of how we work, the balance is going to be very different than what most other games feel like.

If you start the game and are confused, go here: wonderspark.co/faq - it'll give you a bit more in-depth detail on how the game works. Why is all that info not in the game? Because it's much harder to distill the correct information to players in-game, in a way that isn't overwhelming. The magic of a good tutorial is that you learn a ton but it doesn't feel like learning, it just feels like a lot of this stuff is obvious. And that takes iteration. It takes a ton of effort, and design - often on very small or subtle things.

But all of that is intentional! We hope that if you've been following along with us here, on our blog, that you're probably the kind of person who wouldn't mind investing a little bit of time & effort, and potential confusion to help us make the game better. And if that guess is correct, then please drop us a line here: support@wonderspark.co, and we'd LOVE to hear from you. Maybe you love the game. We'd love to hear that! Maybe you hate it. We'd also love to hear that. It's even more valuable - seriously - for us to hear that than that you love it. If you're totally confused, let us know, and we'll be happy to help you through it. Why? Because figuring out where you're confused means that we learn something specific we didn't know before, and it helps us make things less confusing for everyone. So the more we hear the better!

What we hope is that you'll give the game a shot. And then even if you're frustrated, you'll give the game a shot a week later. Why? Because we're constantly improving things. Things that are confusing or wonky today will be different tomorrow. And tomorrow. And tomorrow. Until they're great. And I know this is a different approach than what you're used to - where you just grab a game and it's either good or it's not. These days, to build a "good" game out of the box either takes a large team or a lot of $. We don't have that, so our strategy is totally different. Our plan is to release now, and radically improve the game while it's live

Which means that every day, the game is a little bit different. Launching was just the start. We've got a long way to go, and we hope that you'll join us.