Lots of New Stuff

Still cranking away on improvements to the game. There have been a lot of changes we've made over the last few weeks, and while we'll be cataloguing them on their own page from here on out, I think some of the stuff is worth mentioning in a little more detail!

  • Range Cards: The cards with numbers on them used to be called "Number Cards". Which seemed sensible at the time. Play a Number Card to do something - shield up, evade, or attack. The number card was an abstract little thing, but it'd essentially be converted to "aim" at a range if you were attacking, or "move" to a range if you were Evading, or just get consumed if you were Shielding Up. As we watched people play in user tests, and as we got feedback from folks talking to us, we realized that "Number Cards" may be a sensible name, but it wasn't a clear one. Lots of people were playing high numbers, because higher = better, obviously. But in our game, higher isn't always better. Aiming *at the range* is better. Or moving *far from* the range is better - which sometimes means a lower card or midrange card is a much stronger alternative.

    We wanted a stronger "tie" to Range - the numbers are, functionally, ranges. A few weeks ago, we'd changed the Range icon from the double-arrow-in-circle to the <>, and we realized that the nice thing about the <> "language" is that we can then echo it on the Number Cards, to clarify subtly that they're related. Then we realized, heck, why don't we just call these Range Cards? So we did.

    Why did they used to say Solar? Why were they orange? Sometimes you put something in a game in anticipation of the future things that you'll see later. The only other thing I'll say is that the other cards that will hopefully see one day are "Nuclear" and "Wind".
  • Rechargeable Cards: Hopefully you've already seen one of these in-game. We gave one to everyone, and basically, they're the first sort of "differentiating" long-term mechanic we've put into the game. This is your collection, and it'll evolve how you choose to evolve it. These cards aren't consumed when you use them, and you upgrade them by playing other cards in-game. You'll be given a number of options on how you choose to evolve these cards, and we've not shown you what the potential end results are, but some paths lead to the 1st Legendary-class cards.

    How do you get Rechargeable Cards?

    Easy - many card packs come with a chance to get a Rechargeable Card. They're very rare - just to be clear - don't expect these to drop all over the place. But since you get Fuel to buy packs, and if you're playing regularly you open packs pretty often, hopefully you'll get lucky and run into one every now and again! Most of the Rechargeables that drop will start as the lowest rarity possible - but some will drop "pre-evolved" - all the way up to Rares. You cannot currently get a Legendary Rechargeable from a drop - you have to evolve it at a minimum from Rare->Legendary.
  • Double Fuel Bonus/Disable Ads: You might have noticed there's a thing in the store to Double your timed Fuel Bonus and disable ads. Forever! It costs 100 Gold, which is sort of $5-ish (if you buy the smallest gold packs, it's $5. If you buy $5 worth of gold, it's $4. Go figure). This will remove the prompt asking if you want to double your Fuel Bonus by watching an ad, and just double it automatically every time. Why? One of the ways we earn $ is through ads, because these kinds of incentivized ads are a relatively non-intrusive way for us to earn some revenue, and for you to get something you want.

    That said, we only earn a few cents (or fractional cents) per ad view, and as a result, we figured $5 felt like a fair deal - you help us out, we give you something you want w/out the hurdle to jump over.

A note on $ and in-app purchases:

One thing I do want to mention, because people don't really talk about it much, is that the $ you spend is how we survive as a game & as a team. We aren't particularly aggressive about monetization, because we know it's annoying, and we do want to give you a good deal for your $. But we do appreciate every dollar that everyone spends, and it goes *directly* into helping support the long-term development of the game. We're running a tight ship because we have limited resources - we need to get the game to a point where we're making $ before we run out of $. So it's a balance. If you like the game, we really hope you'll find something valuable you want to purchase, because ultimately, that's how we keep supporting and evolving the game.

We aren't trying to gate gameplay through $. We give you infinite Basic cards because we don't want to gate your ability to play the game. We give (I think) a ton of Fuel so that unless you play an absolutely exorbitant number of games you shouldn't run out.

Over time, we'll be putting in things like XP boosts, and cosmetic customizations, and if we're lucky enough to be able to get some of the more ambitious features of the game out, we'll have other things that tie into those. It's such a weird and ambitious feature I don't even really want to talk about it yet. But it's not like anything you've seen before. The catch is that we have to get to a point where we're sustainable before we can really dive into that. :)

So if you're enjoying the game, there are a few things that you can do that would help us out:

  • Buy something: Well, yeah! It's the most direct way to support us. :)
  • Write us a review: Reviews actually really, really help in ways that aren't just abstract feel-goodness. Reviews are a major factor in whether someone chooses to download the game or not. Keeping a high review score matters a lot. I'm not asking you to give us a 5-star review even if you hate the game - but I am asking that if you love the game, please leave us a 5-star review. It's a massive, massive help.
  • Tell your friends: While GMF is still a competitive multiplayer game, it's still a lot of fun to play with real-world friends. We've seen some pretty epic rivalries in-game already, and over the next few months, we'll have a lot more in store for folks who like competition. We've also always had cooperative gameplay in mind, and the game's built around co-op as another way to play together. One of the most difficult things about launching a mobile game as a small team is getting the game out to a big enough audience that it can survive. Every friend you tell helps a lot. A lot. Probably more than anything else. Right now, seriously, telling a friend is likely more important than even spending $. Weird, but true! If you can get three friends to download the game, and everyone does the same, GMF would be around for a very long while.

Anyway - we've got a lot more in the pipe. Next up is actually a really unusual (but hopefully fun) addition to the Trainer, to help new players understand what they're doing, and then after that we've got a big upgrade to the "tooltips" in game that help people understand Evade & Attack. Also - we've got a handful of new cards we've been working on today that'll show up over the next few days! So keep an eye out for those. See you in-game!