Feedback & Progress

Over the last few weeks, we've been hard at work on the game. One of the things with launching a game really early is that when you launch the game, the "numbers" suck. By "numbers", I mean the game's "performance stats". Things like, "Do people spend anything?" or "Do people come back to play the game?"

We didn't expect at this point that folks would spend anything, really - so for the few of you who have, thank you! We appreciate any support, and it means a lot to us! It just hasn't been a focus yet, because the first thing we normally focus on is whether people come back to play. And that's been a spot where we've got a lot of improvement to make.

So, I've got a question for you. Whether you come back to the game, or whether you decided it wasn't for you.


I know it's often hard to break down why a game is interesting or not, but if you give it some thought, it's often one of a handful of things.

  • Is it initially appealing? When you first loaded up the game, what'd you think?
  • Is there a motivation to return? Some reason that you want to keep playing?
  • Is it fun to play?
  • Is it broken?

As you know, if you've been reading the blog for a bit (just look down at the post below this one and you'll get 90% of the way there), our process has been to launch early. Really early. At a point where most people wouldn't show their game to anyone, we show it to anyone who's willing to look.

Now, some of you are probably thinking, "Of course, there's a ton of broken/missing/unpolished/whatever" stuff in the game. They must know a lot of that obvious stuff. And the answer is that yes, we know about a good portion of it, and with a really small team, it's just really hard to address everything as fast as we'd like. But the other side of that is that some things become "invisible" to you the longer you're looking at it. And when someone mentions the giant crack in your wall, you see it again, as you would if you were just seeing it for the first time.

So all feedback is useful. All of it is helpful.

What do you like about the game? What keeps you coming back?

What do you not like about the game? What did you have to fight through before you figured it out, or decided you wanted to stick with it?

Next post, I'll talk a bit about the feedback we've gotten, and how the feedback we get from players is radically different than feedback we get from fellow developers, and yet, how they're both addressing the exact same thing.

And the last bit: Based on the feedback we have received, we made some interesting decisions recently. The result is that you're going to start seeing some things trickling into the game over the next month that I hope will be a little bit surprising and a little bit delightful.