Happy New Year!

It's been a while since I've written anything here. Sorry! We've been pretty busy with a bunch of stuff! We're working on a new app. It's built on the mechanics of Give Me Fuel, but there's a lot in there that is quite different.

Basically, GMF was originally built as a test for a lot of the things we were working on. Would the card mechanics work? Could we get people to understand them? Could we do this unusual style of animation we wanted to, and what were the tradeoffs? Then we started rolling out early versions of Adventure Mode.

Over the last eight months, we've learned a lot from Give Me Fuel, and we have you to thank for it.

In the next month or two, we'll start rolling out information about what's coming next - there's a lot of things we're really excited to share, from how it's going to look, to how it's going to play (most of it will be familiar to GMF players, but there are a few things that we hope will still be surprising!), to what it'll cost.

The one thing I want to put out there now is that we're going to be trying something unusual with the new app, in that it's going to be an ongoing, evolving service - but rather than a F2P game, our goal is to put it out there as a "premium" game that you actually pay for up front. There are a lot of reasons for this:

  • The current "Free to play" model is built around frustration. While we're trying to do something different than this, realistically for players who want a not-traditional-free-to-play experience, the F2P business model carries such baggage that even if we made the greatest, most user-friendly F2P game in the world, a lot of people still wouldn't try it.
  • The kinds of people who don't like most F2P games are actually the kinds of people we think our game will appeal most to, and trying to get people we think will love our game a shot is difficult because of that.
  • We, as players, prefer non-F2P games ourselves, because they're games that aren't designed around "maximum monetization" and exerting pressure on players constantly to spend money.

Here's the tricky bit: The game's still intended to be an ongoing, evolving experience. And that means, realistically, that we have to have some sort of ongoing revenue, or continued sales of the game have to be quite a bit higher than we can realistically expect.

So there will be things in game available for sale. Things like visual customizations for your suit. Things like gifts you can get for your friends. Our goal will be to provide some things that don't impact the core balance of the game that are fun and delightful, that'll be worth your time & money that you'll be happy to buy, because you want whatever it is, and because you want to help the game continue.

We're hoping to be able to run limited-time events, seasonal events, and to even eventually have ways to expand the game in unique ways.

But the first step is that the game won't be free - and that changes a lot about how things work, both in terms of how we balance it, and in terms of how we have to try to raise awareness of the game, which in many ways is much harder, and in some ways is much easier.

We've got a big challenge ahead. We'll be talking more soon about what's coming.

Happy New Year!