The Team

Everything we've done started with one simple idea. We wanted to work with people we loved working with, making something that had never been made before.

Aftershock is the result of that effort. It's a card-combat adventure game that takes your real life activity & creates your adventure from that. It's got single player. It's got multiplayer. Leveling up. Progression. New cards. Awesome animation.

You can pick it up and put it down and never have to fit your life around it - it's designed to fit into your life instead. You don't need to spend a bunch of time building a deck, or a bunch of money buying card packs. It's a game that's focused on making tactical decisions quickly and seeing stuff go kaboom as a result.

We hope you'll enjoy it as much as we loved creating it.

We'd be remiss in not thanking Casey Cameron ( for his generous help with the audio side of things, as well as Rachel Glaves ( who did a wonderful job with the UI art, and Caryn Vainio ( who helped us work through some critical UX issues. In addition, a handful of friends provided invaluable help and advice, and the game would be nowhere without them.

Aftershock will launch on iOS on March 9th, for $3. We hope to see you in-game.