06/20/2016: Welcome to Give Me Fuel

One of our newest features is this News page. Over the last few months, we’ve been constantly updating & rolling out new stuff, we just didn’t have a way to tell you about it… but now we do!

We’re almost constantly making little balance tweaks to things we feel are out of whack - stuff like the damage you take from Blitz being decreased from 5->3, because we found that playing Blitz was suicide. Now it’s just suicide if you play it at the wrong time, and actually helpful if you set up the circumstances to use it well.

We’ll have a lot more to say in the next few weeks - we’ve got something coming up that we think you’ll really enjoy - but for now, we’ll be brief. If you’ve got feedback, please drop us a line any time at support@wonderspark.co (<- not .com).

If you’re enjoying Give Me Fuel, PLEASE tell your friends about it! As a very small team, we don’t have the $$$ to compete with the big companies to get ads for the game - we’re relying on people like you to help spread the word!

Thank you!