06/23/2016: Rechargeable Cards

We’ve just introduced Rechargeable Cards! While most of the Power Cards in the game are Consumable, Rechargeable Cards are reusable… and UPGRADEABLE.

When you play a Rechargeable Card, instead of being consumed, it’ll go back into your hand! You’ll need to play a few turns before you can draw it again, just to prevent some potential for “stacking the deck”, but that’s a small price to pay for cards you can use repeatedly.

The other crazy thing about Rechargeable Cards are that they can be UPGRADED. Go to the Card Inventory & click on the Rechargeables tab to get an upgrade underway. You’ll pay a cost up-front (usually Fuel), and then you’ll need to play a bunch of cards to complete the upgrade process. At some points, you’ll get a chance to pick how you want to upgrade your card. In some cases, you’ll even find upgrade paths to lead you to the first Legendary cards!!

We’ve started you off with an Evade card to get your Rechargeable collection going. If you want more Rechargeable Cards, they show up in the different Card Packs. They’re extremely rare, so don’t expect to find them in every pack, but the more expensive Fuel packs have a better chance of dropping Rechargeables, so choose your packs wisely.